Anonymous said: WE GOT 25,000 SIGNATURES!!!! KEEP IT GOING! WOOOOO

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Anonymous said: I always become sad when I see a post saying not to use the term "mute" or deaf-mute." Before I moved, I knew a two people who were legitimately mute. They weren't voice-off, they had no voice to use. One was hearing, the other was Deaf, but neither of them had the ability to speak. I think that if you are going to post about terminology, please remember that there are people who would prefer the correct terms to be used, and this may include the word mute. Thank you!

Although I agree with you, I think the post was more towards people who are deaf, and do not speak, rather than people who are/aren’t deaf who CAN’T speak. 

But I get where you’re coming from

Anonymous said: Hey! So I want to major in deaf education (just like you) and I have no idea what colleges offer that kind of profession! I have searched and searched, but I can't find any! Do you know of any colleges that offer a major in deaf education? Or have a good asl and secondary education program so that I could double major? It would be much appreciated!:)

Ta da!

this should answer all of your questions :D 

Anonymous said: who is doing the signing in the snl skit? is it legit? i recognize some signs like "Thank you" but i cant tell if she is actually using asl.

She’s one of the SNL actresses. I actually thought her signing was pretty good EXCEPT for certain moments where she is just making up signs (usually where you hear laughter, like at the parts where she signs the thanking of the firemen or police)
but for the most part her signing is ASL.  

Anonymous said: I don't mean to sound ignorant but what's wrong with the car picture you posted?

haha WHOOOOPS… the texts i copied didn’t paste and i didn’t even notice so THANK YOU for pointing that out! it’s fixed now :)