How can we get schools to take ASL seriously?

Why do schools only teach Spanish, French, and sometimes German and Chinese?

I have nothing against learning those languages! Learning a new language completely expands your mind and makes your think in different ways, and can even boost your IQ.

But think about it… in the US, how many people go around speaking ONLY German? Or ONLY French? One of the reasons why schools teach Spanish almost 100% of the time is not only because we have a Spanish-speaking country just below us, but also because a HUGE majority of our population is compiled of Spanish speakers. Not to say that there aren’t people in the US that speak German and French, but not as much!

Isn’t it more fair to teach kids a language that actually used quite a bit in the US? I mean I’m pretty sure you’re more likely to meet someone who uses Sign Language rather than someone who speaks German… 

I mean the list goes on and on as to why ASL should be in our school systems. 

What do you think? How can we get schools to take ASL seriously?