Anonymous said: So, ever since I came to university, I haven't really had anyone to sign with, do you know ways I can meet other signing people? Even just people to skype with. The only people i've met so far are like, 1st semester students who, while very nice, aren't able to keep up conversations for very long.

I would recommend finding deaf events in your community. You can check out

And this

Keep going! 

Anonymous said: Okay so I saw something on another page that said that she doesn't paint her nails because she will be made to take it off in signing class, is painted nails, bracelets, rings, etc frowned upon in signing or is it a distraction? Thanks xx

I’m sure many people have different personal opinions on this, but my ASL teacher has never had a problem with it, and I’ve seen interpreters wearing nail polish before. But I am sure that some teachers prefer to limit distractions while others don’t mind it. 

Anonymous said: Another anon from Turkey :) I decided to learn sign lnguage but i'm not sure which one should i learn. Here Turkish sign language is used. Courses are for tsl i think. I want to ask how common is asl, Only USA or are there another countries use?


ASL is using in the United States and some parts of Canada, and some ASL-based creole is used in West Africa and southern parts of Asia. It’s fairly similar to French sign language, but they are not the same. But I would say ASL is mostly used in the USA. 

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I had an assignment for my health education class to start a blog about a topic I was interested in (and other school type things).

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It’s about sexuality, mostly with decision making for high school students. I hope to talk about safe sex and STD prevention mostly. And other school things. 

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Anonymous said: Omg I just found this page, it's great! I started taking ASL during this years spring semester & I still suck but since I have friends who are HOH I'm getting a lot better x) it's nice to know there are pages dedicated to ASL

Thats awesome!! Keep going with ASL and good luck :)